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  1. Sulamith and Oksana thanks! Just keep searching and you will succeed, I found her!! Thank you so much for you help, really appreciated. I found her on ICQ. Thank you! Sebastiaan
  2. Hi Oksana, Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate your help finding Tanya. Unfortunately I lost all my webmail two years ago with information where parents and brother did live. I also knew she had family in Germany, probably Hannover so I will keep on trying. I have a postcard from here when she visited here family. I do have some real postcards from Tanya, but no information about other city's, unfortunately...:-( I miss here so much, I will keep trying..for years if necessary..already searching for two years so I am confident i will succeed in the end. There have to be people in Kiev right know who have known here until four years ago at least whe she was studying. Thank you! Bas
  3. Hi Sulamith, Thanks for your kind reply! Unfortunately I can't remember the exact university... Already tried vkontakte, no success so far. I will try odnoklassniki.ru, hope I can find her there. Thank you so much! Regards, Sebastiaan
  4. Hi everyone , I am Bas (sebastiaan), living in the netherlands. In desperate search for my friend Tanya Rudyuk (Таня Рудюк від Київ). She studied in Kiev a few years ago account management, We lost track of each other and I regret it ever since. It means so much to me to find her and tell her how much I love her. I sincerely hope ther is someone here wo can help me out a bit, maybe get me on track by searching in a different direction or a kiev phonebook or something. She lived at the time at lomonosova street nr. 49 gurt. #10 03022 Kiev. I hope someone can help me out. Thanking you in advance, Sebastiaan
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